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Isles of Scilly – Oct 2013

A few months late but Ive finally managed to blog some images from the Scillies trip in October. Some pretty nice birds, especially the Whites Thrush that I missed! Paul has written a pretty comprehensive trip report which you can read here.

 Common Dolphin record shot from the Scillonian

Spotted Crake, St Marys

 Subalpine Warbler, St Marys

 Pallas’s Warbler, St Agnes

 Red-backed Shrike, St Marys

 American Robin, Tresco

Subalpine Warbler, St Marys

Rose-coloured Starling, St Marys

Grey Phalarope, Falmouth

I still haven’t managed to sort my Scilly images from back in October for the blog so below are some images from Castle beach from the beginning of the month. Hope everyone had a good christmas and new year! 

Isle of Mull 2013 – Part 2

Below are the final set of images from Scotland. 
White-tailed Eagle record shot, Loch Na Keal

Swallow on abandoned boat pictured in the last post
Rabbit at Loch Na Keal
Rock Pipit at Loch Na Keal
Eider off Craignure
Yellowhammer at Loch Buie

Otter at Loch Scridain

Herring Gull at Loch Scridain
Distant record shot of Golden Eagle
Corncrake on Iona running for cover

Distant record shot of White-tailed Eagle nest

View at Loch Buie

Salen Old Pier

Underwater shot of Moon Jellyfish at Loch Na Keal

Isle of Mull 2013 – Part 1

Here are the images from my week on the Isle of Mull back in May. I have split the images into two posts so I have scheduled the 2nd part to be posted on the weekend as I will be on the scillies and may not have internet.

Abandoned boat on shore of Loch Beg
View over Loch Beg towards Ben More
 Redshank near Fionnphort
Otter in Loch Scridain
Oystercatcher at Loch Na Keal
Hooded Crow at Craignure 
Hare at Loch Na Keal
Meadow Pipit near Craignure
Meadow Pipit near Craignure
Fallow Deer near Loch Buie
Great Northern Diver in Loch Scridain
Cuckoo near Loch Buie


We have had a Fox visiting the field behind our house for a few months on and off but I’m yet to get a perfect shot. Every time the light is either rubbish or the Fox is strongly backlit, luckily this time the light wasn’t to bad, unfortunately these images are a little soft. I haven’t seen it since so hopefully I can nail the photos on its next visit.
I should have my Scotland images on my blog next week sometime, in the mean time check out Bob Sharples images from Mull & The Outer Hebrides here

Garden Birds

Well its been over a year since my last post so I think its time I restart my blogging! College is done now so I will now have more time to post images etc.
I have a few images to upload here from the past year so will do a summary post soon, in addition to this I’ll post some of my images from college projects. Expect more posts in the next few days or so but for now I have some simple garden bird (and a rat) images taken on the weekend.

If your in Falmouth over the next few days then please come and see our college photography exhibition at The Poly. Its on until Monday 17th June and features work from 9 students with genres ranging from Abstracts to Star Trails. 

Night Heron at Polgigga

A good way to get back into wildlife photography, with a very confiding Night Heron!


As usual, I havent posted here for ages. Been busy with Press photography and havent done much Wildlife stuff. I dont think i have any decent wildlife images apart from the simple Turnstone image and the Iceland Gull below so I’ve included some recent press stuff as well.

Turnstone, St Ives

Iceland Gull, St Ives

Iceland Gull, St Ives

Princess Anne opened a sexual assault referral centre in Truro back in December, It was a private event with only accredited media allowed, out of the 8 media with passes (including the BBC and ITV), me and a friend were the only ones to turn up, not very professional of them!

Princess Anne

A week later I was accredited to photograph Status Quo at Plymouth Pavilions, with support of Roy Wood and Kim Wilde. My first ever attempt at concert photography was quite a large one so I was quite nervous of screwing up. Luckily I didn’t and got some images im really happy with, Thanks to Monty and Paul for lending me lenses!!

Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt
Roy Wood
Kim Wilde

Ive also recently been accepted as a contributor to London News Pictures, Sent them my portfolio and they liked the images and now im their photographer for the Cornwall area. Hopefully ill get more sales of images!

I have also had images used in The Guardian and The Times, used back in July but only found out when payment came through at the end of November. Im surprised about the images used as i didn’t like them at the time due to the crap weather conditions….
Links to the Guardian Articles are below:

Small image half-way down:

and a recent sale to The Mail Online through LNP. 2nd down

Isles of Scilly Trip Report

Just got back from 3 days on the Isles of Scilly. Having dipped N. Waterthrush, Black and White Warbler, Baltimore Oriole and Red Eyed Vireo back in September it was good to spend a few days on the island in a more relaxed setting where we weren’t rushing around trying to see stuff before the Scillonian left.
Arived at 12 on Wednesday and went for Upland Sandpiper at Borough Farm and Dusky Warbler at Lower Moors, record shot of the Upland Sand below, Dusky Warbler was to fast moving around in the trees to get any pics.

Song Thrush, Nr Newford Duckpond, 1+ Yellow-browed Warblers there

Black Redstart, dodgy angle looking down is rubbish, only photo of Black Redstart as managed to miss them when i went on a Black Redstart photo misson. Porth Hellick

Record shot of Lapland Bunting at Castella Downs, Richards Pipit over, no sign of Bluethroat or Radde’s Warbler on St Agnes

Lesser Whitethroat, eastern race, probably Central Asian halimodendri race, Showing very well on Periglis Beach, St Agnes

On the boat back from St Agnes to St Marys news broke of a Red Eyed Vireo near Carn Friars Lane/Salakee Lane, all taxi’s were busy so a quick run from the Quay and it was still present, record shot below….

After seeing the REV I had to quickly make it back to Higgos Pool before dark for the Northern Waterthrush, after a short wait it dropped in, record shots below taken at about 6:15, so quite dark!!

On the Scillonian on the way back with the sun setting I tried some environmental Gannet images, something a little different

So a pretty good trip, Northern Waterthrush, Red-Eyed Vireo, ‘eastern’ Lesser Whitethroat, Dusky Warbler, Upland Sandpiper, Lapland Bunting, Yellow-browed Warblers, Richards Pipit and Treecreeper (very rare on Scilly, rarer than Red-eyed Vireo (45 records up to2009, Treecreeper was 12th record for Scilly!!)
Have video of the Northern Waterthrush feeding so will upload if I get chance…..

Kestrel at Porthgwarra

This Kestrel was hunting close by and gave a few close flybys. Also a fly over Short-eared Owl, lots of Finches, Pipits etc moving…