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Buzzards At Steeple Woods

All taken with Canon EOS 450D with Canon EF 400mm L USM
1/1600 f/5.6 Sport (Pre-Set Mode) ISO400 Auto WB

1/2000 f/7.1 Sport (Pre-Set Mode) ISO400 Auto WB

1/1250 f/5.6 Tv ISO400 Auto WB
1/1250 f/5.6 Tv ISO400 Daylight WB
1/1250 f/7.1 Tv ISO400 Auto WB

1/2000 f/5.6 Tv ISO400 Daylight WB

10 Responses

  1. Nice Buzzard images. Re the header image Ashley, this needs to be size 1260 wide and about 450 high. It will then fit onto smaller screens better! Keep up the good work.

  2. Id like to dito the comments! Brilliant pics mate, ive been doing bird photography for 2 years and still cant get the picture right! Well done mate and keep up the good work!

  3. Great Buzzard shots Ashley.

  4. You are soaring up there with the Buzzards Ashley.

  5. Thanks everyone.
    Steve, I can’t resize it now as it keeps changing back to the normal size.
    Ill try again tomorrow.

  6. Ashley, one word MAGIC.

  7. Great set of photo’s,the Buzzard is one of my favourites.
    Have you seen the short eared owl yet,it is still there,I saw it tonight at about 1730.

  8. No shortie yet
    I was up there on Sunday and got some pictures of a stonechat that I will upload tonight. They arn’t that good but it was quite dark.
    Thanks everyone Ash

  9. Looks like you have mastered flight shots Ashley! Exposure looks dead on for all of them.