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Sunday Birding

After spending most of Saturday driving around St.Just in search of the GS Cuckoo and then getting home to find that the only road that we didn’t go down was the road where the Cuckoo was spotted, I was very eager to get back out on Sunday to find it. Arriving at Bartinney Downs just after 9am and making the short trek to the top of the hill to then discover that the bird had not been spotted……… Birding never is easy!!!!!

Walking back and forth around the hill for about 2 1/2 hours we were about to give up. As we were about to leave we met Monty, a fellow photographer, birder and blogger who as some of you may know had been there from 6:30 and hadn’t seen the elusive Cuckoo.
“It’s been spotted on top of the hill” we rushed to the top and just missed it fly down over the the other side. We spend the next hour trying to scout it out… and as I usually do I failed. Just as we were about to leave the car park, Monty gave us some good news- Its in the field!!!
Rushing back up the hill….. Frankly I’m getting tired of all this Rushing around.
It was present for about 5 minutes and then flew off over the hedge a good enough view and a nice lifer for me, I got some pics but they had to be harshly cropped so I wont upload them.
The Picture’s below were taken on Saturday at Marazion marsh with Canon EOS 450D and Canon EF 400m f/5.6 L.
PS: A little bird told me that Angie, Simon, Trevor and Matt failed to see the Cuckoo on their West Cornwall round trip, That’s the thing about birding “the early bird gets the …… Cuckoo!!!”
“Not a happy bunny”

EXIF: 1/2500, f/5.6, Tv, ISO 800, Daylight WB
EXIF: 1/4000, f/5.6, Tv, ISO 800, Daylight WB
EXIF: 1/2500, f/5.6, Tv, ISO 800, Daylight WB

8 Responses

  1. On anybody else’s computer are my pictures in a line or are they in a strange order

  2. Your pictures are not in a line on my screen Ashley, they look ok tho! Well done with the GS Cuckoo… you deserve it after all that wandering! :-)

  3. Thanks Angie
    Good Luck with the new camera.
    The 450D is a great camera to start off with.

  4. PS I forgot to say in the post that if you have noticed that my life list has gone up by 10, it’s not that I’m cheating I miss counted the list.

  5. The Cuckoo was a fantastic bird.We had a great view of it for 20 minutes then it was flushed by two horse riders.

  6. By the way nice photo’s.Have a look down Marazion for a male and female Stonechat they can be really close at times. I got some great pics to-day.

  7. Well done on spotting the G.S.cuckoo.Well pleased you and Monty did well.

  8. Well done mate! GS Cuckoo is one up on me!! To be honest Cuckoo is one up on me!!