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Buzzard Over Stithians

Two Buzzards near there nest, beside the path to the dam.

7 Responses

  1. Nice shot’s lad…

  2. Well done Ashley. The middle shot of the closest Buzzard is good.

  3. Brilliant shots Ashley.
    The Dam produces good material, we often walk that route.

  4. Lovely images Ashley. Very impressive.

  5. Great shots Ashley. Agree with Steve about the middle shot. Saw the same scene myself early this afternoon at St Clement but no photographic record.

  6. Thanks everyone. The middle one is original but the first and last have been cropped.

  7. Superb, lookout for late summer hay fields. When the field behind my house was cut last year I had 17 Buzzards over, feeding on the chopped up mice and got some good shots.