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Lake Vyrnwy

Im off to Lake Vyrnwy on Sunday and will be spending the week there for my school work experience. I will also be visiting Gigrin Farm ( Red Kite Feeding Station) during my stay. I am unsure on internet access for the week so I may not be able to post my pics throughout the week so you may have to wait until Monday 15th. Anyway I will be at Venus pool, Shropshire on Saturday and I’ll definitely be able to post at least some then.
I am not on the laptop at the mo’ so I don’t have any recent photo’s to post so you will have to make do with boring writing.

9 Responses

  1. Have a good trip Ash, sure you will enjoy it and get plenty of pics of the Red Kites

  2. Enjoy your trip mate! Lake Vyrnwy is a lovely place! and watch out for those dippers!
    Oh and you are one lucky sod! – Canon EOS 1D MKII what id give for one of those!

  3. will be at VP on Saturday from about 12 til 5 if you can get there.

  4. I will have to see what the parents say mate! You got facebook mate?

  5. If you email me. I use my ipod touch with my emails so I can get them most of the time

  6. Sound! I will let you know!! Is there anything you havnt got? lol!

  7. Good luck and we are looking to reading about your adventure.
    Sam and Lisa

  8. Gorgeous photography :)