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Gigrin Farm

I have been in Shropshire this week due to finishing my mock exams early. We spent a day at Gigrin Farm in Wales so I have quite a few images to post. The only problem is the laptop is playing up and CS3 wont open, so I have only have one image to post that I have fiddled with on my Aunties laptop.
More to come soon….

6 Responses

  1. Stunning image Ashley the light is superb

  2. Thanks Mike,you have some amazing images on the stiths blog.

  3. Hi Ashley that’s a superb shot! Is it ok if I can ask you something? You know how your blog list isn’t simply links, and has a picture plus an introduction to each blogs latest post, how do you get that? If you know, please tell me. Thanks very much!


  4. I am looking forward to the rest of the images if they are all as good as this.

  5. Thanks everyone. The laptop is starting to work again now so images to come soon.
    Joseph, I have PM’ed you on Birdforum.

  6. Great Image Ash look forward to seeing some more.