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Red Kites at Gigrin Farm

Images from Gigrin Farm last week. We spent a few days in shropshire, with a trip to Rutland Water, Gigrin and Slimbridge WWT. Very variable weather at Gigrin, sun, snow and overcast conditions in the 3 or so hours we were there. So some images wont be that good due to the light (and snow).
Ill try to post the Black Kite images tomorrow, Long Eared Owl images on Friday and the Slimbridge etc images over the weekend.

Obviously not a kite but I thought I’d post it today as I really like it .

12 Responses

  1. Awesome Ashley!
    Truly remarkable images of a magnificent bird.

  2. Fantastic shots in the air Ashley.

  3. Wow stunning!! The flight shots are gorgeous, and the portrait at the end is simply wonderful… This is a great post Ashley, congrats!

  4. Excellent images Ashley.
    Just Magic.

  5. Ashley, I have just looked at the Gigrin Farm Website and your images are far superior than the ones displayed. Maybe you should send some of yours pictures to them for their site.

  6. Brilliant photography Ashley, really stunning

  7. Some lovely images there Ashley

    Well taken


  8. Thank you everyone, I never though of that Mike, I think ill send them one.

  9. Great work Ash, looking forward to your next post

  10. WOW – MAGNIFICENT shots Ash! Love them.

  11. Fantastic shots at the kite. I am waiting for your long-eared owl pix as I have been working a group of 11 for two weeks. Hopefully I will get some better pictures soon.