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Long-eared Owl at Rutland Water

4 images from Rutland Water. The Long-eared Owl (s) have been roosting here for a while and can easily be over looked. If it wasn’t due to the small group of people gathered near the tree we would have never seen them, we unfortunately missed (by seconds) a Barn owl sitting on a nest box by the fieldfare hide and the numerous Short-eared owls that were spotted.
All the images were taken in dim sunlight and shade, Tripod mounted, manual focused through a bush and taken with the normal camera/lens. They would have turned out alright if there wasn’t a big bramble going in-front of its face, but as record shots they are fine.

Was woken up by a low flying plane.

Images are a bit basic but not a bird I normally photo. Tomorrow images from Slimbridge.

10 Responses

  1. Fantastic pictures Ash! I don’t know many birdphotographers as good as you. The pictures are so clear, close up and so well taken.


  2. Brambles may be in the way, but there is no mistaking the subject, good work Ash.

  3. Well captured Ash.

  4. I find Long-eared owls tough to get good clear pictures of. You did a masterful job as the pictures are stunning.

  5. Well done Ashley, they are not that easy to observe!

  6. The sign of a true photographer. The ability to switch to manual,

  7. Thanks everyone, ha it’s easy to switch to manual focus but to use it is another matter.

  8. Lovely birds these .. Good to see you at my workplace .. hope you got some good shots


  9. Nice sequence Ash. “Not asleep just resting my eyes” as they say in the Civil Service.

  10. Thank you Phil/Mark