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Squacco Heron!

The powerboats will have to wait until the week as the Heron is a lot better. A really nice bird in a really nice location. Good to meet everyone today!
More images here…
Steve (!!!)

About to fish, i missed it catch the fish and the images of it with a fish were out of focus

Damn branch

Damn branch again

9 Responses

  1. Hi Ashley , cool photos , i saw a Squacco heron in kent a few years ago and they are truely stunning birds , well done.

  2. Great to meet you to ashley. Glad you got some good shots. Cracking bird

  3. Stunning bird and stunning shots. What a great day! Well done.


  4. Well done Ash. It was quite a social event! Great shots.

  5. Great stuff Ash lets hope the next one is half as good, because it cannot get much better than this.

  6. Well done Ashley…great shots. The twigs and branches ruined more shots than hit the blogs.

  7. Good effort ASh, pleased you got it.

  8. Nice one Ash, you’re certainly getting some good birds down there!

  9. Some good pictures there Ashley. It can’t have been easy with the variable light.