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Slimbridge Part 1

First set of images from Slimbridge. The images were taken on the 28th May just to show how long its been since my last proper post. Not much wild stuff at Slimbridge but we did mange to re-locate the Little Gull which was on the estuary.

Duck Sp. anyone know?

6 Responses

  1. Good two images to start with Ash, lets see more please.

  2. Not sure, but it is a female. Great pictures.

  3. Most probably a juvenile Egyptian Goose just judging by its stance, colouration and lack of markings. There’s a chance I might be wrong as I have’nt as much experience as other birders but something tells me I should be right. Hope this helps.

  4. Thank you, I dont have a clue what it is so it might be a Egyptian Goose

  5. Looks like a Fulvous Whistling Duck. Or some sort of Whistling Duck.

  6. Love those 2 images 😉