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Caught up with it today, have 14GB of pics and video to go through, need to sort out Lightroom trail and then i can play with the 7D RAW files. So you can have what ive done so far. 1 pic and 1 video, video is unedited as i haven’t worked that out yet, got 2 nice videos (that ive found so far) of it fishing.

just a quick post to show the images and hopefully tomorrow i will be able to show you all of them
Flickr isnt the best video hoster (not amazing quality) but hey…..
sorry about crap sound

10 Responses

  1. WOW man, the light was great for you! You’re photo and video are fantastic. Glad you got to see it, as it would be tortuous to miss out on a bird like that in your county!

  2. Excellent i’m glad you caught up with it

  3. Cracking video Ashley, I always forget my D90 will do video when I’m out and about.

  4. That is one cracking image Ash, now for a look at the video.

  5. not bad Ash well worth the wait!

  6. Brilliant Ash, good to see results from the 7D already.

  7. Stunning captures,well done Ash.

  8. Great pic and a great video. Nice one Ash.

  9. Great blog, anbd great video on this post 😉 Will read more!