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Scillies has hosted a few good birds over the last week or so, Black and White Warbler, Northern Waterthrush, Solitary Sandpiper, Baltimore Oriole, Red Eyed Vireo, Blue Winged Teal and more ‘commony’ migrants. Cue a mid week dip of everything but Bee Eater….
Even photos from the Scillonian summed it up, first time ive photo’d Dolphins and this was the best one….

Below are 2 images from earlier in the month, 1st Lesser Yellowlegs, Drift res. 2nd Greater Yellowlegs, Wadebridge


Not posted for ages and have been considering deleting the blog as I havent had time and are loosing enthusiasm for doing it. Anyway here are a few images from the last month or so.
Aquatic Warbler tapped and ringed at Marazion Marsh, 1st ringed there for many years (Dont think anyone has decided when the last was but around late 90’s early 2000’s). A 2nd ringed the next day!
Little Stint and Curlew Sandpiper on Hayle estuary showing extremely well in with other waders close to road nr Tempest.
Spotted Redshank at Drift reservoir. Went to see a Pec Sand and another had been found, 2 Pec’s, Spotted Redshank (image a bit dark after uploading??), Arctic and Common Terns. Paul’s images of the Pectoral Sandpipers HERE

Belgian yacht runs aground on Hayle Beach

Just a quick post to say the image below has been used by the BBC on their website and on BBC Spotlight regional news a min a go. The news will broadcast again at 10:30pm on BBC 1 for anyone who cares.


Spent a few hours down at Treveal again yesterday. Few seals offshore but didnt bother photo’ing them, spent time photographing Gannets, Gulls, Fulmars and Shags.
Here are 2 from yesterday and 3 seal image from a few weeks ago. The first 2 Seals were shot slightly into the light to try to get some different type of images when the seals are doing the classic ‘head out of the water’….


What do you do when there’s no birds around….
fiddle with techniques

CWT Trip

Pics from the CWT field trip yesterday. First image, Green Veined White is slightly out of focus on the wind due to not being parallel, still happy with the image being the first time I’ve photo’d this species. Unfortunately no sign of any Purple Hairstreaks….
More Seals on Wednesday.


Found a good site for Seals on Wednesday and decided to go back today to get some proper images. Typical that Weds/Thurs were perfect and today was overcast/rain. Didnt take to many images due to the rain and spent most time looking for areas to photo from. Best moment was having a Seal pup in the water about 5 meters offshore. 6 Seals in small group just offshore at one point was also nice, will be back soon on a nicer day.
Photo’d Prince Charles and Camilla on Monday, 2 of my favs here and here
Princess Anne on Monday and Air Day on Wednesday, might post images here if i can be bothered.
Im assuming Grey Seals???

Nothing special but hopefully more to come, hopefully to pursue this into underwater photos…

Lake V Spot Fly

Another Spotted Flycatcher from Lake Vyrnwy, it was pretty close but unfortunately just high up in the trees flycatching hense the dodgy angle. Not much else seen apart from the normal woodland stuff, few Red Kites over and Hobby being mobbed by Peregrine. Heard a Wood Warbler but couldn’t see it, let alone photo/video it.
Dont know how frequent posts will be this month, have a couple of Royal visits to photo (Prince Charles and Princess Anne) and a few other boring, non bird photo stuff so might not have many bird pics to add til the pelagic im on in mid August.
If it gets off the ground i have a plan of a project of photo’ing Basking Sharks, I want pics from eye level so I just need an underwater housing (and someone with a boat), so it’ll be a while since ive just bought a MacBook Pro so have very little cash. I know some people who can help but i still need £1500+ for the housing, to donate click…..
PS: Thanks to Dave and Martin at Wildlife Photography Across The Water, according to the stats thingy ive had nearly 500 views which came front their blog just in the last month, so cheers

Lake Vyrnwy

Took these at RSPB Lake Vyrnwy yesterday. Will be back at some point as the Redstarts, Pied and Spotted Flys were very obliging. Shot more video than pics so now need to edit them