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Sorry for the lack of postings, I haven’t managed to get any good images recently!
Dunnock, Sennen Cycle Track (I think), April
Pied Wagtail, St.Gothian, March


A very nice (but windy) afternoon at Marazion. Great White Egret seen flying on and off (very briefly) about 6-7 times. Also good to see a Bittern. The main surprise was 2 Adders. The one in the photo (male?) was quite small but the (female) was a lot(!!!) larger. Thanks to Bob for letting me use the Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens, Love the DoF. I think ill get a 100mm macro before a 600mm 😉

^^^Canon 100mm f/2.8 ^^^

^^Canon 400mm f/5.6^^

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More from Church Cove

I found 2 more images taken yesterday. The Dunnock’s and Blue Tit’s are very photo-genic. The Woodchat Shrike image was Manual focused so it isn’t that sharp. Still a nice image though.

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Woodchat Shrike Pt.2

Re-visited Church cove this afternoon. Hoping the light would be better as it was overcast in Carbis bay and as I found yesterday that in the afternoon the sun is in a bad position for photo’s. As we arrived the sun came out, for once that was bad. Anyway as usual the weather got worse, the wind picked up and it clouded over. It was darker than I had hoped.

ISO 640, 1/640 tripod mounted. Better images of the shrike Here

Woodchat Shrike at Church Cove

Woodchat Shrike at Churchcove. If you plan to go down try to get there early as in the afternoon the bird is very harshly “side-lit” (as you can see in the pics). Also I have added a phone-scope and a failed attempt of video-scoping. For a better video of the shrike Click Here

^Phone Scope


Purple Sandpiper

A few from last weeks CWT field trip to Jubilee Pool. The weather was terrible but the water droplets made the images look a bit different. Still a good turn out despite the weather!

Thanks to Derek and Colin for showing us the Little Ringed Plover’s at Trevraven Meadows today. tho’ Distant, I may post a phone-scope later.


Redshank at St.Gothian Sands. Taken a few weeks ago. First 4 images are now on Alamy and I the 3 uploaded yesterday should be Quality Controlled hopefully tomorrow.

Alamy Gallery Here.
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Another image from Slimbridge. I haven’t got a clue what this birds called so if anyone knows please let me know. I doubt ill post much more from Slimbridge because as I said in the last Slimbridge post the weather was crap. Will visit again in the summer!!!

First 4 images should appear on Alamy tomorrow and I have another 3 awaiting Quality Control
EDIT: Thanks to Andrew and Chris, bird below is a Ruddy Headed Goose.

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Just a quick post to say that I have just been accepted by Stock library Alamy!! I only have 4 images on there at the mo’ and they arent key worded (so they wont appear in the link below). Anyway Ill try to get a few more images on there asap, and I could soon be making money :-) (I doubt it tho’)

600 f/4 here I come 😉
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Ive finally got around to looking at the Slimbridge pics from back in February. The weather was rubbish at the time so most of the pics are a bit boring/dull and high ISO/slow shutter speeds didnt help. Ive only edited 1 image so far but ill sort some more out soon.

Check out tomorrow after 0800 tomorrow where i will be guest photographer on Martin and Dave’s blog…
Also due to what has happened with their blog I will now be posting the original link below so no one will steal my posts/images. not that anyone would want to but you never know.
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